I think writing these down when I could still recall is probably a good idea…

So I made it! And words seem so feeble when coming to describe the past one month I spent on the road, thumbing up helplessly for the most time and getting around with nothing but random kindness of strangers. There were frustrated moments that put me into tears, and lovely strangers that make me believe all the fairytales are true in some sense. I appreciate every bit of love people showed me on this trip, and hugs for everyone who gave me tips/advices/support when I was planning the trip! Below is a faithful (as accurate as I could recall) account of all the rides I got on this trip. I know this might not be happening but if anyone is interested in carrying out some hitchhiking, feel free to let me know! I will be glad to help 🙂


July 2nd

–       Ride from foothill blvd to Pasadena

–       Took the bus from Pasadena to LA union station

–       a lady found me hitchhiking in the parking lot (where a lot of people are going to US 101) – bought me a train ticket to santa Barbara

July 4th

–       couchsurfing host from Santa Barbara gave me a lot of money; he dropped me at the greyhound bus station and I took the bus to san Francisco

July 6th

–       Dutch brothers I got to know in SF drove me to lake Tahoe; we hang out there for like 1 hour; they decide to drop me off at a nearby casino so I can easily found a ride to Carson city, but the casino looks rather sketch; so they decided to drop me off at a gas station. They drove on for 10 mins and didn’t see any gas stations and went on for another 10 mins without any new findings, so they decided that ‘screw it we are just gonna drive you all the way to Carson city’

July 8th

–       60ish grandpa drove me from a gas station in Carson city to Reno

–       Classy old cop Jim (who used to hitchhike from slc to Reno every weekend to see his girlfriend – later his wife) gave me an awesome ride in his Mercedes Benz to a truck stop 30 mins away and gave me 50 bucks!!!

–       Trucker drove me from that truck stop to wills, a tiny town about 160 miles outside of salt lake city

–       Mormon family (50ish mom and her son in early twenties) drove me to salt lake city!

July 11th

–       Gross trucker gave me a ride to Spanish fork

–       2 Mexican guys drove me to price

–       Got super stuck in price, hippie gay kid who turns out to be not so gay picks up with his friend and drove me back to boobsister (the friend he was staying with)’s house. I stayed on night there because he told me that his friend is planning to drive him to Moab tomorrow and I was going to Moab.

–       His friend didn’t show up (I wonder if the deal actually existed in the first place). Boobsister and her mom drove us to a gas station that’s half way between Price and Moab.

–       We waited for 3hrs and then a driver who hitchhiked before drove us one miles to nowhere

–       We waited for a long time and then decided to walk towards the rest area (2miles away)

–       Fake gay kid was in really bad shape so I ended up way ahead of him. A car stopped for me and he ran up to catch the ride. The driver somehow likes to pick up hitchhikers because he thinks driving alone is very boring, there was already another a hitchhiker (also a college student) when we got on the car. Fake gay kid told us the story of him trading heroin and got into gang fight and turned into prison – he was technically on the run

–       I don’t understand why that the driver was not scared and still drove us to Moab. Fake gay kid and I found a deserted construction site and camped out there. He told me more details about drug dealing and said that he was super familiar with arches national park

–       Turned out that he doesn’t even know that he needed to pay the 5-dollar entrance fee. I didn’t pay for him for sure, he told me to text him when I got out of Arches, which I apparently didn’t.

July 13th

–       A family RV stopped for me when I was walking down to the visitor center from the petrified dunes (about 4 miles?). They drove me to a gas station in Moab

–       A professor from university of Arizona gave me a ride to Grand Junction. The truck stop there is very dead, he went 40 extra miles for me to get me to a better truck stop that’s on my way to boulder.

–       Trucker drove me to Denver

–       Nice single dad drove me to Bloomfield (where he lives) and then decided to go 4 extra miles to drive me to boulder. His son is so adorable.

July 15th

–       Super nice person drove me to Lyons in his extended Lincoln (“I don’t really need to go there – I just woke up on the wrong side of my bed and decide to start my day with some, eh, what do you call it, random act of kindness”)

–       A nice old couple that lives in the town that’s kinda in rocky mountains national park drove me to rocky mountains national park visitor center.

July 17th

–       SUPER NICE boulder guy drove me from where the trail ends to the shuttle stop (it was only 1 mile but I was honestly too lazy to walk after a sleepless night in the freaking rain and a 12 mile hike that day)

–       Some nice Taiwanese businessmen drove me from a gas station right outside of rocky mountain national park to boulder!

–       Couchsurfing host was hanging out with her mom in boulder; she picked me up and drove me to Cheyenne.

July 19th

–       Trucker gave me a ride from Cheyenne to Denver

–       Businessman gave me a ride 10 miles closer to the freeway

–       Chris the Hippie gave me a 5 mile ride and got me to a gas station right off the freeway (“hitchhiking is a dying ART in the united states” “my wife is a super chill chick and she knows a lot people in Arizona – so if you got stuck there gave us a ring. I am SERIOUS about it”)

–       Hippie salesman drove me to the south end of Denver (20miles closer to Colorado Springs). He could have gone through the free way but “decided to show me the city”, so we spent like 30 minutes driving through Denver rush hour traffic. (“this is my card – if you didn’t get there until dark, I can go pick you up and put you up for one night. I am a VERY NICE guy)

–       Columbian girl and her Vietnamese boyfriend drove me to castlerock in the pouring rain (they didn’t need to go there – Columbian girl was once homeless and she just wanted to help me)

–       Single mom in her mid forties drove me to the outskirt of Colorado Springs. (“I can’t believe you are hitchhiking – you just go with people that you don’t even know????” “You should never do this again”)

July 22nd

–       got kicked out of the gas station (I will never buy gas at Arco, NEVER), got picked up by a Mexican businessman after standing in the sun with my sign for like 2hrs. He drove me for 1 hr to Pueblo (and “I am just driving there to have lunch because they have better Mexican food there”…)

–       Trucker gave me a ride 50 mins south

–       Native American kid drove me to los almos

July 23rd

–       couchsurfing host drove me to Santa Fe and gave me money for staying at a hostel for one night

July 26th

–       Young single mom (who hitchhiked across America herself) gave me a ride to a gas station close to the freeway

–       Super cool navy kid picked me up in his BMW and drove me to Albuquerque

July 29th

–       Someone drove me to Grants

–       Someone drove me to Gallup

–       2 guys getting back from a house party in Gallup drove me somewhere that’s 2 hrs away from flagstaff

–       Construction worker drove me to flagstaff!

July 31st

–       Met a super awesome high school math teacher in the international hostel in flagstaff! She drove me to Grand Canyon and we toured around it, then she drove me all the way to phoenix. We had an awesome time.

Aug 2nd

–       Someone drove me to a truck stop from a dead gas station (but people there gave me some money…)

–       Got on the wrong truck. Female trucker drove me to San Bernardino while I was trying to get to San Diego. I slept on the truck for the night but she gave me a bunch of free food. Her family stories are also pretty interesting…

Aug 3rd

–       2 brothers drove me from Ontario to San Diego in their truck!

Aug 6th

–       Got a random ride after spending 3 hrs and a half in a gas station where no one was heading my direction (I tried the ramp to the freeway during the meanwhile but there were cops. And they didn’t exactly like me)

–       Got kicked out of the gas station by a really scary looking employee. Somehow this broke down my nerve and I started crying (I can’t really explain why – much worse things had happened before but somehow I just burst into tears at that specific moment). He started to apologize and got me free drinks and food and told me to sit wherever I want. During the meanwhile I got a lot of money – probably because I couldn’t look more miserable at that time).

–       Taiwanese grandpa drove me to the train station and gave me 57 bucks. It was really late so I decided to take the train back.



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