[Thumb Up America] New Mexico Photos!

I definitely had a very good time in New Mexico. The person I stayed with in Los Almos (actually, we were literally living in a TRAILER IN BANDELIER NATIONAL PARK) is an ultimate pothead, and we got super blazed all the time and did a bit fun driving. Staying in the IH in santa fe is less than ideal — it’s just not one of those very lovely hostels (but karma abounds and I found an awesome one in flagstaff later). Couchsurfing host in Santa Fe is way too cool – we went for a bike ride with all the local bikers and drank some beer in the railyard, and all his friends are super interesting. He lent me his roommate’s girlfriend’s funky bike and I biked all around Santa Fe. Friday night in the garage with his friends was kind of ridiculous, men talk is “ewwwwww” but anyways they were funny people. I got an awesome ride to Albuquerque and had a great time staying with Sydney. NM rocks!


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